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About Us

About Us

Credible Truth Ministries

Credible Truth Ministries is a Christian, Inter-denominational, Apologetics, organization registered under the Government of India founded in 2017.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to establish Christianity as a credible truth. Through rigorous examination, compelling evidence, and thoughtful engagement, we aim to showcase the reliability and validity of Christian beliefs. By removing doubts and misconceptions, equipping believers with knowledge and understanding, and fostering a culture of intellectual engagement, we strive to demonstrate Christianity's credibility as a worldview that stands the test of scrutiny and inquiry.

Credible Truth Ministries has a four-fold vision

Our Mission


To present evidence for the truth claims of Christianity.


To remove obstacles and hindrances that prevent the seeker or skeptic from having a clear view of Jesus Christ.


To equip the Church to articulate and defend the truth claims of Christianity effectively in the public arena.


To confer a powerful and an intellectual voice for Christianity in the society.