Bachelor of Ministry


3 Years (6 semesters)

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Course Overview

List of Subjects

Bachelor of Ministry is a three year program for students who aim to develop a holistic understanding of biblical truth as it applies to life and ministry in the Asian context. The training provides a general introduction to Christian faith and doctrine, and leadership for ministry in today’s world and church.

The curriculum equips the students to:
* Understand the essentials of Christian faith and doctrine
* Implement biblical values in their life and ministry
* Demonstrate skills to create and lead innovative ministries in church and community
* Integrate the biblical faith in relevant ways in the context of contemporary society and culture

* Specialize in areas of interest to serve God in a multi-dimensional context

A unique feature of the Bachelor of Ministry degree at Lakeview is the opportunity for students to specialize in one of four concentrations.

The major specializations are:

Christian Studies

Christian Counselling

Media Communications

Business Entrepreneurship

I Year
  1. Old Testament Survey
  2. New Testament Survey
  3. Spiritual Disciplines
  4. Study Methods
  5. Use of Computers and Internet
  6. English I
  7. The World of the Bible
  8. Principles of Christian Ministry
  9. History of Christianity
  10. Biblical Interpretation
  11. Public Speaking
  12. English II
  1. Life and Teachings of Christ
  2. Indian Church History
  3. Basic Bible Doctrines 1
  4. Major Religions
  5. Christian Ethics
  6. Major -1
  7. Basic Bible Doctrines 2
  8. Evangelism and Christian Missions
  9. Modern Indian Movements
  10. Introduction to Christian Education
  11. Ministry and Social Transformation
  12. Major -2
  13. Cross-cultural Internship
  1. Essential Bible Word Studies
  2. Romans and Galatians
  3. Christian Apologetics
  4. Principles of Psychology and Counselling
  5. Leadership for Life and Ministry
  6. Major -3
  7. Major -4
  8. Major -5
  1. Introduction to Biblical Greek
  2. Church and Community Development
  3. Mission in a Multi-religious Context
  4. Advanced Preaching
  1. Foundations of Christian Counselling
  2. Analysis of Behavioural Psychology
  3. Christian Counselling Skills
  4. Church and Community Wellness
  1. Media Basics
  2. The Basics of Media Writing
  3. Introduction to Social Media in Ministry
  4. Media, Culture and Society
  5. Media Marketing Strategies
  1. Business and Christian Mission
  2. Foundations of Entrepreneurship
  3. Business Operations
  4. Business Management Skills