Post-Graduate Diploma in Christian Counselling


1 Year


Skills to help people in emotional and psychological pain

Course Overview

List of Subjects

This program will enable the students to:

* Understand human nature and thinking and how these impact human behaviour.

* Gain knowledge of the different aspects of Christian Counselling.

* Effectively use basic Christian Counselling skills to help people in emotional and psychological pain.

This program covers 10 subjects in a one-subject-per-month format.

I Year
  1. Understanding the Bible – Old Testament
  2. Understanding the Bible – New Testament
  3. Spiritual Life and Discipleship
  4. Leadership and Administration
  5. The Bible and Counselling
  6. Psychology and Counselling Skills
  7. Analysis of Behavioural Psychology
  8. Ethics in Christian Counselling
  9. Church and Community Wellness
  10. Marriage and Family Counselling