Master of Ministry


2 Years (4 semesters)


Communicating faith in culturally relevant ways

Course Overview

List of Subjects

The Master of Ministry degree at Lakeview equips students with enhanced leadership and ministry skills to empower their communities and churches to glorify God in today’s world. 

The Master of Ministry degree prepares students with:
* Deeper grasp of the implications of the Christian faith for life and ministry.
* Practical leadership and management skills to serve within and outside traditional church structures.
* Ability to communicate the Christian worldview in creative and culturally relevant ways.

The Master of Ministry degree allows students to specialize in one of  the following four major streams.

The major specializations are:

Christian Studies

Christian Counselling

Media Communications

Business Entrepreneurship

I Year
  1. Understanding the Bible – Old Testament
  2. Understanding the Bible – New Testament
  3. Essential Bible Word Studies
  4. Spiritual Formation
  5. Christianity and Church Today
  6. New Life and Discipleship
  7. Basic Theology
  8. Study Methods
  9. Use of Computers and Internet
  10. English
  11. Communication Arts in Ministry
  12. Business by the Book
  13. Evangelism and Christian Missions
  14. Biblical Foundation of Marriage and Family
  15. Christ and Culture in India
  16. Effective Bible Teaching
  17. Major -1
  18. Cross-cultural Internship
  1. Biblical Interpretation
  2. Leadership for Life and Ministry
  3. Psychology and Christian Counselling
  4. Christian Apologetics
  5. Indian Political Theology
  6. Romans and Galatians
  7. Thesis/Project Writing
  8. Major -2
  9. Major -3
  10. Organisational Management
  11. Seminar I
  12. Seminar II
  13. Major -4
  14. Major -5
  15. Major Internship
  1. Introduction to Biblical Greek
  2. Church and Social Systems
  3. Christian Mission in a Pluralistic Society
  4. Contextual Homiletics
  1. The Bible and Counselling
  2. Counselling Skills for Mission
  3. Marriage and Family Counselling
  4. Crisis Counselling
  1. Introduction to Media
  2. Research and Writing Skills
  3. Social Media in Ministry
  4. Media Production and Design
  5. Media Marketing Strategies
  1. The Bible and Business
  2. Advanced Business Entrepreneurship
  3. Business Process Management
  4. Business Leadership and Accounting